Our area of Wesley Chapel has been fortunate in the last couple of years when it comes to dodging Hurricanes, but with the most recent, Hurricane Harvey drenching Texas, it doesn’t take much for a storm to force an evacuation for Florida residents. This time of the year is unpredictable, especially with roadway conditions. Now is essential to ensure that your Fiat is up to date with service, in case of a hurricane evacuation. Here's how we can help you prepare.

Allow our certified Fiat technicians to prep your vehicle with an oil change, transmission flush, tire rotation, battery replacement, or brake repair. We wish for our customers to have reliable transportation, especially during hurricane season. We will go above and beyond to ensure that your Fiat is ready for the long drive out of Florida if we should see another massive storm heading our way. Be prepared and contact our service team at (888)713.8650 and receive quality and timely vehicle maintenance.

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