With the holidays coming back around, so do the gatherings with family and friends. If you are like so many of us, you will surely find yourself transporting a prepared dish with you to one of these functions. If you don't have someone riding with you that can hold it while you drive, then this can be quite a pain.

Having been through all this plenty of times before, we here at Parks FIAT of Wesley Chapel in Wesley Chapel, FL decided to put together some helpful hints for you to get those goodies to your destination intact.

If you have a dish that has any kind of liquid like a sauce or gravy, try to find a container with a spill-proof lid if possible. If it can pass the tip over spill test in your kitchen, it should do the same on the road.

If you can't carry it in something that won't leak if tipped over, then make sure you have some old towels laid down. Better those take the spill than your vehicle's interior. You can also try putting it in a cardboard box and utilizing the seat belt to keep the box still while you drive. If the box rides steady, then your dish should too.

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