Safety Should Come First When You Are Behind the Wheel

Minimizing distractions is more important than ever while you are behind the wheel of a vehicle. Accidents get sometimes caused by people driving who are also using their smartphones, eating, attempting to read maps or other paperwork, adjusting the radio, even things like just having intense conversations, and they take their eyes off of the road.

One of the most ideal ways to drive safely is to never take your eyes off the road. Adjust all seats and mirrors before you begin driving. If you absolutely have to answer a call, use a hand's free feature but don't stay on the phone long. Paying attention to your environment on the road, including other cars, can help you avoid accidents if you have to make split second decision. Don't look down at your smartphone for any reason, because even looking down for a few seconds to read a text can cause a major accident. Safety on the road can help prevent collisions!

Always remember to keep up with your vehicle maintenance as well. If you need to get your vehicle’s oil changed or maybe its brakes serviced, come see us at Parks Fiat of Wesley Chapel in Wesley Chapel, FL.

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