Changing the oil in your car is an important part of routine maintenance. But, it's also very important to know what type of oil to use in your car in order to keep it running smoothly and extend its life. Although they cost more, synthetic motor oils boast being the highest quality oils to put in your car.

Synthetic motor oil is made up of chemical compounds using specific formulas that, when used, provide your car's engine with total protection that other natural, conventional oils cannot. For example, synthetic oil provides important benefits like resistance to oxidation, less loss from evaporation, and a high viscosity index. This oil also performs extremely well in higher and lower temperatures. Overall, it keeps your engine running like new so you can be confident in your vehicle's performance.

Still unsure whether synthetic oil is worth the steeper price? Visit the service center at Parks Fiat of Wesley Chapel to talk to an expert about which motor oil is right for your car.
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