What is the difference between a compact temporary and a full-size spare tire?

Most new vehicles come with a spare tire of some type, even though this is not always the case. Some new car owners must locate a spare tire that can serve in the event of a flat or some other tire damage. There are typically two alternatives when deciding on what type of spare to purchase. Those are a fully operable replacement tire that can serve for an extended period if necessary or selecting a compact temporary tire, often termed a donut.

There are some specific reasons why a vehicle owner would not choose a compact temporary tire, with vehicle size being most important. They will not work in any situation for a truck or SUV because of this reason. Compact temporary tires are solid rubber and have a minimal amount of tread and surface area for transit. They are for temporary use only, meaning any damaged tire situation must be addressed immediately. The primary advantage is that they can be transported in a small area of the trunk or a rear cargo area.

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