Do Front Wheel Drive Vehicles Have Special Differentials?

Whether you drive a front wheel drive (FWD) or a rear wheel drive (RWD) vehicle, the power transmission system doubtless includes parts known as differentials. Differentials are special components that lie between drivetrains and wheels. They perform many important functions, among which are balancing tire velocities during turns and transmitting power from drive shafts to tires.

RWD vehicles without independent suspensions tend to have hardy, solidly built differentials. These hard-differentials aren't too flexible but stand up well to tough road conditions.

In contrast, FWD differentials need to perform well under a different set of conditions. Since they feed power to the steering wheels, they need flexible connections and mountings to allow for lateral and vertical wheel-motions. They also work under considerable engine-weight and require clever mountings.

FWD differentials contain many intricate components that require regular professional attention. At Parks Fiat of Wesley Chapel, we employ skilled and certified drivetrain experts who can set up regular check-ups for your vehicle. To begin enjoying the benefits of a well-tuned drivetrain, swing by our place today for a no-obligation conversation.

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