It always happens when we do not expect it. Perhaps you have to deal with a flat tire, loss of gas, an overheated engine, or something else. Consider these items that should be in your roadside emergency kit.

A couple of cans of tire fix-a-flat will allow you to get enough air in the tire to get it off the rim just high enough to where you can move the vehicle to a safer spot. A flashlight is a must for a number of reasons. In addition to lighting the way if you make any repairs to the car at night, the flashlight can be used to get the attention of other drivers.

A good pair of jumper cables will give other drivers the chance to help start your vehicle in less time than waiting for someone to arrive with a pair of their own. A small bag of tools will be ideal for making small repairs to the vehicle, enough to be able to drive the disabled car to the nearest service station.

Schedule a maintenance check at our FIAT service center in Wesley Chapel, FL so you may never need to use that roadside emergency kit any time soon.

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