Top Reasons Why Your Tire Pressure Light is Illuminated

If the tire pressure indicating system in your vehicle sees a drop in tire pressure in one or more tires, that pressure light is going to stay illuminated. Here are a few causes of the trouble.

There are many little obstructions that you may have driven over that still could be stuck inside the tire that you don't see. The longer they stay embedded in the tire, the more air is escaping, so if only one tire shows a loss of pressure, this could be the cause. Then you have the fact that air is constantly escaping the tires naturally that could set off all the indicators. Temperature drops of ten degrees could lower tire air pressure by one pound, not to mention air is already naturally escaping ta a pound a month rate.

Loss of pressure in your tires could lead to a blowout. Get the car to Parks FIAT of Wesley Chapel so our auto service team can inspect the tires for trouble.

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