Compact Spares are a Temporary Solution

Flat tires occur at any time. They happen on local errands, long trips, or you can discover it in the driveway. If you must use a spare tire, then the type of spare makes a big difference.

Wesley Chapel-area drivers can install a full-sized spare and drive the vehicle in normal ways. If they use a compact spare tire, then they only have a temporary solution; drivers should not drive around on compact spares. Automakers design them to get the vehicle home or to a repair shop.

At Parks Fiat of Wesley Chapel, we want every vehicle to have a set of full-sized, matching tires, that are in good condition. We are ready to answer your questions about flats, spares, and damaged tires. Call us when you need to repair or replace one or more tires. We have quality replacements for your vehicle. Please call or drop by our location today.



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