Finding a Dog-Friendly Vehicle

Unlike in the past when dogs were left at home, today more and more dog owners are choosing to take their dogs with them whether it’s for a short drive or a family vacation. Dogs enjoy few things more than accompanying their family members in the family vehicle. It’s important to make it as comfortable as possible for your dog, which includes having a dog-friendly vehicle. Stop at Parks Fiat of Wesley Chapel and see what makes a vehicle a dog-friendly vehicle.

Most dogs sit in the back seat, so get a vehicle with a backseat that fits the dog comfortably. Dogs get dirty, but all-season seat covers and floor mats can make cleaning a real breeze. Backseat climate controls allow you to keep your dog as comfortable as possible. The liftover height of your vehicle should be low enough so your dog can get in and out of the back easily.

Before you get your next vehicle, stop at our Wesley Chapel dealership and check out some dog-friendly dogs. Why not take a vehicle out for a test drive while you there?


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