Protect Your Car From Thieves: Follow These Tips

Around 770,000 drivers each year find themselves victims of car theft each year according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Parks Fiat of Wesley Chapel does not want you to be next. Protect your car by following these simple, but effective, theft prevention tips:
  • Keep your keys with you at all times. Never leave them in your car, and never leave your car running unattended.
  • Keep your car doors locked at all times, and don't forget to roll up your windows.
  • Audible and visible anti-theft systems such as horn alarms and flashing lights make great car thief deterrents.
  • Park only in well-lit areas where you can remain aware of your surroundings.
  • Don't leave anything valuable like cash, jewelry, or technological devices inside your vehicle.
  • Be especially watchful in parking garages and at gas stations.
  • Don't become victim of a "bump-and-rob" carjacking. If someone bumps your car from behind and starts acting strangely, call the police and drive to a populated place.


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