Everyone has experienced the annoying blinding light when the car traveling behind you at night fails to turn off their high-beams. This is not only rude; it can cause a dangerous situation when you are moving down the road at 60 MPH. This temporary blindness could cause you to miss an obstacle or a slowing vehicle in front of you. Auto-dimming mirrors prevent this from occurring.

While this might not be the most exciting safety feature, it is an important one. An auto-dimming mirror uses a material that changes color when charged by an electrical current. This is called an electrochromic material. The material darkens when voltage is passed through it. It then returns to light when voltage is removed. The mirrors use a set of photodiode sensors that are light-sensitive semi-conductors. These turn light into current when the vehicle behind you shines its high beams on the mirror.

Parks Fiat of Wesley Chapel has a wide selection of vehicles with auto-dimming mirrors and other technologically advanced safety features.



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