Is your brake pedal feeling a little squishy? It isn't something you'll want to ignore.

?Brake failure can be serious, and it is potentially life-threatening. Rather than taking the risk, consider looking for the following signs that could indicate a impending problem with your braking system.

First, take note of any off smells. This is usually an indication that something is amiss, as overheated brakes tend to let off an odor. Next, pay attention to how your car behaves as you apply the brake. Does it shake? Rattle? Pull to the right or left? Any of these signs are concerning, and you should take your car to the auto shop right away if you notice them.

Lastly, do you hear loud screeching or low grinding noises when you apply your brake? Yikes. You'll need to see a mechanic as soon as possible, as this generally means that your brakes are in really bad shape.


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