The compact Fiat 500e is a favorite among vehicle owners desiring to save money on fuel while reducing carbon emissions. Their smaller size makes the vehicles are easy to handle and maneuver. The exterior of the 500e is also quite attractive.

The body sits low to the ground and has an overall rounded appearance. Sculpted lines accent the wheel wells and lower body fascia. Oval-shaped headlights and rounded daytime running lights border the minuscule grille region. The lower front body features a large motor vent in contrasting color.

The side mirrors have heating technology that ensures clarity year-round. The rear of the vehicle features a large spoiler that sits atop the sloped roof that finishes off the aerodynamic profile. The rear window features defrosting elements and a rear windshield wiper. See the Fiat 500e in person at our Parks Fiat of Wesley Chapel location to appreciate the vehicle inside and out. Enjoy a test drive.


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