Dog hair inside a car can look quite unsightly. The smell might not be too appealing, either. Hair inside a pet’s travel crate or strands resting on top of seat covers aren’t necessarily a big deal. Preventive measures add the cleanliness inside the vehicle. And the travel crate contributes to safer driving, since the dog isn’t moving around the seats.

Keeping hair out of the car isn’t always easy, despite your best efforts. Cleaning things may not be too tough. If you use a vacuum with a brush on the end, the device can dig out and suction loose hairs. Packing or duct tape could also lift off strands. Avoid using a liner roller, however, because they’re not very effective.

Believe it or not, making static electricity on a balloon and rubbing it across the seat would be more effective than a liner roller. The balloon is also cheaper than tape.

Parks Fiat of Wesley Chapel knows there are many steps for caring for a car. Our service department in Wesley Chapel can help with many aspects of care.


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