Replacing your car's battery might seem like a simple and fairly hassle-free task. However, countless drivers have discovered that these projects aren't always as straightforward as they initially appear. At Parks Fiat of Wesley Chapel, we want to share two important reasons to have your car battery professionally serviced or replaced.

There May Be An Underlying Problem

When your battery goes dead, your first assumption will likely be that this component is no longer functional. Excess corrosion on the battery posts, however, could be one simple and correctable reason why the battery is no longer holding a charge. Having the entire setup inspected by a professional mechanic can prevent you from paying for a replacement battery that you really don't need.

It May Be Time For A New Alternator

?If your car's alternator is no longer working to continuously charge the battery back up, installing a brand new battery won't help. In many cases, the most cost-effective route to an appropriate and long-lasting solution is to seek professional help. Visit us at Parks Fiat of Wesley Chapel today to take advantage of our trusted automotive services.


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